Our Awesome Sponsors

Without our sponsors, BSides doesn’t happen. Sponsors get BSides participants to the event and a whole bunch of cool stuff as well. So here are our sponsors for BSides Perth 2017, we strongly encourage you to explore and engage with our sponsors when you see them at BSides Perth, they have a lot to offer!

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WACTF is run at the same time and place as BSides Perth! They are separate events though, registration to WACTF does not grant access to BSides and vice versa. Make sure to purchase a ticket if you are wanting to attend BSides Perth. The WACTF room is opposite the BSides speaking theatre, you’re welcome to come and go from both events to make the most of the weekend.

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PrivEsc Workshop!

Sagi Shahar is running a Priviledge Escalation workshop on the Thursday/Friday before BSides Perth. This free-of-charge workshop will cover all (currently) known attack vectors of local user privilege escalation on both Linux and Windows operating systems.

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